Remote Authentication

Use your existing Magic Sign On or Hubzilla social identity to interact with this website.

If you created an account on this website, please enter your username and password on the local login page instead.

How to Remotely Authenticate

Using remote authentication is easy. In many cases, it is automatic.

  1. Log into your home hub or instance on this device (and stay logged in).
  2. Enter your channel address above and press the "authenticate" button.

This website will check and see if you are logged into your home hub or instance on this device, and if you are, it will remotely authenticate you.

If you try to authenticate and it returns you back to this page, you are either not logged into your home hub, or you typed your channel name incorrectly.

Magic Sign On

This website is part of a decentralized social network, with remote authentication powered by OpenWebAuth .

If you already have an account on a website that supports OpenWebAuth, you do not need to create a local account here. You can remotely authenticate with your existing social identity.